Wolfpack CH-53E Super Stallion Update set

Wolfpack CH-53E Super Stallion Update set

Wolfpack Design released a resin update set for the Academy 1/48th scale CH-53E. The set has replacement exhaust pipes and most of the antennas that have been added to the CH-53E lately.

Exhaust pipes.

The DIRCM atennas.

They compare nicely to the real thing.

The dual AN/ALE-47.

The SATCOM antennas for the spine of the CH-53E.

Antennas and bases for more antennas. The circular antenna is the early GPS that has been replaced by the EGI.

On the real thing.

 The set offers a replacement AN/AAR-47.

This set is a much needed addition for anyone building a contemporary CH-53E, the only missing exterior bits are the EGI.

The set has been out for a while, but is harder to find these days.

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